Icon Home
linen and home decor

What we are

    Icon Home founded in 2001, owned by Jenny Januarti acting also as
    the designer.
    It is  a small company with a workshop in Jakarta.  
    Work in small environment and small batch production allow us to
    give character and soul on our product and allow for more
    controllable product, ensuring we deliver only high quality linen to
    our customer.

What we do

    We mainly work with linen and cotton, creating unique,  modern
    contemporary embroidery home linen collections.
    As well as produce our own brand items, we also offer custom
    designs and manufacturing services for several high-end home
    furnishing retailers in Indonesia.
    We also collaborate with designers and architects creating bespoke
    products for commercial projects.

How to Buy Our Product

    We  participate in  some major fair trades in Indonesia to introduce
    and sell our new collection.  
    From this website you can also see and order our product range.
    Please fill our trade form to order our product or to get more
    information regarding our products and services.